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  Favorite Project / Completed 2010

"Tile and "Mixed Medium" Mosaic  (Panorama Photo)
Located on the walls of the "Ladies Restroom" at "Harby's Pizza" in Fountain City, TN
Many "refurbished" tiles and "found objects" were used in this project.
It took several months to complete with the help and assistance of a fellow artist / friend (Terry Nell Morris)
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  Published Article from the "Halls Shopper-News"  ~  April 5, 2010











Artist, Andy Whitaker
has been creating his magnificent
Eclectic Elements

and Stone Art Mosaic
s Creative Works
since 1991. 

He is best known for his intricate "Masterworks" style of  "Courtyard Gardens" (as seen on the background of this web page.)

Andy's home is in Knoxville, Tennessee and although he prefers to stay close to his domain in the Smoky Mountains he is willing to "temporarily relocate" for an "interesting" project.  Most of his work is on display locally, but he has found himself traveling as far as California to create his Whimsically Eccentric "Courtyard Gardens", designed with a diverse variety of mediums such as: Stone & Brick Arches, Marble Benches, Stone Stairs, Cobblestone Walkways, Water Fountains and Rock Lanterns.

He enjoys incorporating interesting "found" objects, "reclaimed treasures" and "salvaged" materials that he has "rescued" from condemned and demolished buildings.  Many items that he includes in his work have historical sentimentalities that are cherished by Andy and will give your "art" an interesting "story" as well as the aesthetic interest that such a "piece-of-antiquity" contributes to his work.

Each of his creations are "one of a kind" and while he may be able to re-create a similar work of art, certainly no two can be exactly alike.

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